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Market Overview

Maverick’s philosophy has been to only work with a few select brokers and we do not appoint more than one broker in any given area.  Our approach is very simple. 

We give value to our brokers by exclusivity and products that their competition can’t access. We have been successful in our approach and our company and our brokers have prospered even in this soft market.


We are one of 30 Chartis agents with specialty privileges for Work Comp, including the only safety group program, the only PAYGO PROGRAM and the only payroll reporting program in the West coast, program for medical staff leasing companies, a program for social service programs and ability to quote ineligible classes among other privileges.  These programs are not available to regular appointed retailers or wholesalers. We also have the ability to quote risks that don’t fit Chartis at a much lower premium attachment point then other brokers.  We have the ability to quote WC up to $1mil and more in premium without going to different divisions of Chartis.   As of today we also just got Professional and D&O in house quoting and binding authority for Chartis.


Since information changes daily the best way to keep up with changes is to go to our web site. Below is a quick summary of what we are doing special and a list of markets



New market Amtrust Inusrance Company

New market Towers Select

Security guard program for all lines of insurance, W.C., Auto, GL, umbrella & Property including other misc coverages

Admiral products recall coverage enhancement to the GL policy

Montpelier Insurance Company, new GL market

No more automatic renewals for Granite State as long as we receive the renewal app at least 30 days prior to renewal.

Companion Insurance and Tower are new markets

Chartis payroll reporting program (M.p. $10,000)  (W.C.)

Social Service program Work comp

Home health Care program

Trucking Work Comp

Property managers for workers comp

Medical Staff Leasing Special program for Work Comp

Construction Program multi line exclusive with on line safety program for the insured’s

Vanguard Agent (Huge Chartis authority) Special programs and classes other brokers can access. We can entertain excluded classes other brokers can’t.

Maxum  GL, this market has very limited access and we are a key player with professional coming shortly

Doctors, clinics, convalescent t homes, most medical related malpractice insurance

Contractors risk retention group

Wrap ups, including pay as you go wrap ups

DIC  QBE special relationship; $30 mil in limits

Bars and Restaurant program

Umbrella with Zurich for apartments and condo assoc, $1mil at $1,200 premium

Umbrella Chartis in house, with quoting ability to  $25mil

On line binding facility D&O, EPLI and E&O, huge deal on line binding facility

Energy program

Vacant buildings


Owner’s contractors protective and COC

Amtrust appointment WC and package.  Only Ca broker to have an appointment, We can quote either line of business monoline.

Chartis Construction on line safety program for contractors, it’s excellent it costs over $100,000 to built and a great savings to clients

George Luka joins Maverick 1-1-2010, Experienced broker all lines with a specialty  for malpractice



Definition: FofF means friend of firm in which we have special programs or relationships


Zenith National Insurance Company   FofF

Crum & Forster Insurance (North River & United State Fire)

Companion Insurance Company (Tough to place classes including roofers, trucking, etc.)

Chartis: Granite State insurance company; FofF  National Union, Insurance Company State of Pa; Commerce & Industry; American Home; New Hampshire Insurance Company

Everest Reinsurance Company

Security National Insurance Co (All states): FofF Amtrust Insurance Company, Wesco Insurance Company;Technology Insurance Company; Milwaukee Insurance Company,  All carriers are part  of Amtrust Insurance Group

Hartford Insurance Company



Tower Insurance FoF



Admiral Insurance Company:  FofF  Products and commercial contractors; Contractors $15,000 m.p. products $5,000.  They also have a package market and property monoline, mp. $5,000  

American Safety Insurance Company; Contractors all types, m.p. down to $15,000 can do products;  The small division will also write small contractors under this class residential m.p. $2,500

Chartis : American Home Insurance Company: FofF  Construction unit tied in with the comp

National Contractors Insurance Company: Small contractors all types, Risk Retention group not for big commercial guys nor residential, can do tough to place accounts including residential and roofers

Essex  & Evanston (Markel) FofF  Products market, some GL OL&T  

Nexos/Delos: For GL on OLT business

Chubb Custom:    Under $25mil with WKF&C on bigger accounts we go direct.

Endurance:  OL&T market

First Mercury Insurance Company; Contractors including residential and will entertain mono line GL  Specialty market for Security guards and sprinkler contractors, also can do products. OL&T with KF&C

Founders Insurance; Restaurants and bars

Gemini Insurance Company: FofF All types of contractors including residential and roofers and products coverage some OL&T

Gotham Insurance Company: FofF Artisan contractors inside the house; also custom home builders 

Great American Insurance Company:  Have not figure this one yet

Indemnity Insurance Co of D.C.: Bars, nightclubs and adult clubs

Ironshore insurance

Lexington Insurance Company: FofF M.p. $25,000 commercial contractors, will do residential at $50,000 and will do most classes of  GL business including pharmaceutical and neutraceutical

Liberty International Insurance Company:  M.p. $15,000 commercial contractors, GL, products most liability lines.  No new residential

Lloyds of London:  Wrap ups and large residential contractors including pay as you go wraps,

Mt Hawley Insurance Company  (RLI):  FofF Commercial contractors, OL&T  and some light products.

Maxum Insurance Company: Great market; Everything except residential contractors

Montpelier Insurance Company: M.p. $5,000 all types of contractors, $12,500 Custom Home builders, premises risks, OCP (with or without Principals Protective) – coverage for owners who hire GC’s, MANUFACTURERS and DISTRIBUTORS       Including or excluding Products; Stand-Alone Products coverage

National Indemnity Company: They are  doing all types of OL&T accounts; large residential accounts.  Tough to place business not a real good market except for tough to place auto.   

National Liability Company See National Indemnity

Nautilus Insurance Company:  Not a market yet.

North American Capacity FofF  Partners commercial, Commercial contractors.

Penn America Insurance  OL&t and light products

QBE Insurance: FofF Commercial contractors (A player at $25,000+ good form)

Rockhill Insurance Company: FofF Great market turn around in an hour.  Residential contracting market. But if you have a commercial guy he may quote it as long as they do 5% residential.

Steadfast Insurance Company  $25,000 m.p., Commercial contractors, Ol&T; Bars, nightclubs, sir business, OL&T.  Everything except residential 

Tudor insurance   (Fire protection industry GL and Package) an MGA we have not used it.

United national Insurance Company  Partners commercial contractors




American Guarantee(Zurich) Condo Apartment umbrella M.P $1,200 for $5mil same day quote.

Chartis:  FofF  American Home Insurance Company; Umbrella starting at $15,000;   National Union: house pen up to $25mil m.p. at $750 Lexington Insurance Company: M.p. $20,000 not a small umbrella  

American Safety Insurance Company: Umbrella market no used a lot but they have $5mil  New Jersey office.

Chubb Custom Insurance Company;  New appointment

Markel Essex:  Products umbrella market

Everest Indemnity Company: All types of risks including residential contractors, Rodney

First Mercury insurance Company: Umbrella open to a lot of type of business, we forget them

Ironshore Insurance

Liberty International Insurance Company: FofF Good Facility everything but new residential and trucking on a lead basis

Lloyds of London:   Not really a market   

Mt Hawley Insurance Company  (RLI) FofF Good umbrella market light contractors and products and GL OL&T business.

Maxum Insurance Company: FofF Great market tough to place business $10,00o m.p.

National Indemnity Insurance Company: Not sure what they do we have not used them

Penn America:  Small to medium commercial size risks

Topa Insurance Company;

Travelers Insurance Company FofF Good market for HOA’s

XL Insurance Company Large risk tough to place, not currently using them

United National Insurance Company: Good umbrella market all types, no residential contractors

Rockhill:  FofF Contractors, products and OL&T coverage



Maxum Insurance Company:  Small light contractors, light products and OL&T

American Safety Insurance Company.  Vacant building, apartments, condo associations, OL&T type business

Admiral: Small commercial packages, including vacant buildings

National Union Insurance Company Pollution, Energy also contractors program.

Seneca  Small business, part of C&F

Travelers: Via Kevin Davis

US Liability (Package for no profit org)    

Security National Insurance Co( All states): FofF Amtrust Insurance Company, Wesco Insurance Company;Technology Insurance Company; Milwaukee Insurance Company,  All carrier are part  of Amtrust Insurance Group (OL&T, hotels motels and restaurants are key classes)

Crum & Forster:  Large risk with the comp, $50,000 m.p.

Chubb Custom Insurance Company


CNA for Allied health, convalescent homes and nursing homes and for medical products.


CARGO(International and domestic)


Lloyds of London   FofF


National Indemnity



American Safety Insurance Company

Hudson Insurance Company

ironshore Insurance

NECC (Rockhill Insurance)

Liberty International Insurance Company  FofF

Nautilus Insurance Company

National Union Insurance Company  FofF

Xl Insurance Company

Zurich Insurance Company

Mt Hawley  FofF




Admiral  FofF

American Safety

Aspen Insurance Company (WKF&C

Beazley (Lloyds)


Chubb Insurance Company/Chubb Custom FofF

Evanston Insurance Company FofF Essex (Markel) FofF

Great American FofF  (Vacant building program & BULDERS RISK (coc)

Ironshore Insurance


Lexington Insurance Company (AIG)  FofF

Lloyds of London, various markets

Maxum insurance company

Mt Hawley Insurance Company  (RLI) FofF
National Indemnity Insurance Company

National Union Insurance Company

Penn America

Seneca (Crum & Forster)

Stonington and Lantana Insurance (Builders risks and Vacant buildings)

Topa Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance Company FofF

Zurich Insurance Company




CNA     FofF   (Allied health)

Crum & Forster

American Empire Surplus lines (Great American)  FofF

Axis ( Media risks)  

Ironshore Insurance

Admiral  FofF Huge market for malpractice

Essex FofF

Hiscox (Med mal and professional) Lloyds

Gotham Insurance

Chartis  FofF

NAS (Lloyds)  EPLI & prof. Med mal doctors Lloyds


Monitor Liability Insurance

Maxum insurance Company FofF




Markel (Essex)  FofF

Clarendon Insurance Company

QBE  FofF  Great market for us

ICW  FofFLexington Insurance Company (AIG)

ICAT (Lloyds paper)

Lloyds of London


Mt Hawley Insurance Company  (RLI)  FofF
National Indemnity Insurance Company

Redlands Insurance Company

XL Specialty

Houston Casualty    FofF

Beazley (used to be First State) Lloyds          




Lloyds of London

National Union Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance Company (HOA) AND CONDO ASSOCIATIONS




Markel  FofF

Admiral   FofF

CNA             FofF

Lloyds of London (various facilities)

National Union Insurance Company FofF Huge market within house binding authority

Ironshore Insruance

Maxum Insurance




National Union Insurance Company




National Union Insurance Company (AIG)

Zurich Insurance Company

Ace Insurance Company

Seguros De Mexico  (Coverage in Mexico, package)




Lloyds of London :   Yacht insurance and  stock throughput.

E.P.L.I. : Chubb; Chartis; Monitor, Lloyds, NAS, Markel, Unite States Liability

Auto:  Chartis, National Indemnity, Crum & Forster